I am a breast surgeon living and working in Cape Town.  I work at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in the City Centre.  Although I trained as a general surgeon, I have a particular interest in breast conditions.  I have created the blogsite to encourage women to share their stories.

There are lots of events going on in the Breast Cancer field.  Please let me know what is going on in your area.  I am particularly interested in events in and around the Western Cape.

When I am not at work, I am the mother to 2 teenage boys.

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  1. You are doing a great job. My brother has just been diagnosed with throat cancer. Is there a support group he & his family can belong to for support. He stays in Lindhaven - Roodepoort- Gauteng.This is a very difficult period as his 10 year old has just been diagnosed with Type 2 after collapsing and being in a coma for 2 days. The family is devastated about all these. How can I Help and what do you advise? Thanks