Breast course for Nurses: annual fundraising event

We had our annual fundraiser/thank you event on Friday.  It was held at the Atlantic Imbizo at the V & A Waterfront.  Although largely sticking to the familiar format of previous events, this year we had a lunch rather than brunch.

I gave a summary of courses taught in recent months and new nuances in our approach, we then had a discussion about teaching adults rather than children.  We had contributions from different perspectives, including those of Prof Dave Woods, Joy Crane, Merunisa Mohammed, Josie Edge and Karen Hill.

Several points were raised:
-Karen Hill stressed that the content needs to be relevant, teaching things appropriate to work places
-Time spent talking needs to be short: Joy pointed out that after 10 minutes attention starts drifting off
Tony Brutus, Prof David Woods, Joy Crane
-Technology should be used appropriately (not as a barrier).  Josie Edge is my niece.  She has been visiting schools in Cape Town and noticed that as a result of less technology, there was a closer communication between teacher and pupils.
-Dave Woods recommended that we should not try and teach but to share understanding.
-Merunisa has been involved in teaching for many years and now teaches teachers.  She said that it was time to change from focus on the teacher, to the knowledge already in the class when teaching children as well as adults.

Ariella in action

After an excellent meal, fund raising took the form of an auction.  We were lucky enough to have Ariella Kuper as the auctioneer this year.

Watching her in energetic, inimitable action was remarkable.
We had many lovely gifts and I would like to thank all those who donated them as well as those who bid for them.  The raffle raised a record amount.

The event was extremely well organised: a special thank you to Michelle, Lieske, Nadia, Gadija and Josie.

Nadia, Gadija, Michelle and Josie wearing the new T shirts

As a result of all the generosity of those who support us, we can start another year of projects and we have plenty of requests and new ideas in the pipeline!

Lieske's BCN nails

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