The people behind the Breast Course for Nurses in Harare

We have run a number of courses throughout South Africa and Southern Africa. Each one is different. Standardisation of what we teach is difficult to combine with the flexibility that makes our course appropriate to our audiences. What is standard is the amount of work involved in the organisation of a course!
Students with the Pathcare and Lancet sponsored Breast Care books

The catering department

The driving force behind the Harare course has been Dr Anna Nyakabau. She is a well known oncologist in Harare and devoted an enormous amount of time to getting the week up and running. The course was run at Parirenyatwa Hospital. It is an enormous complex of hospitals. The grounds are beautifully kept and are about 400 000 square metres. We were made to feel extremely welcome. We had our lectures in the rooms used by WHO and, everyday, had an excellent lunch served on time to a variable number of people.

Dr Anna Nyakabau

 I know that Anna had many meetings with the staff at the    hospital. For me to try and name them individually would    mean I would exclude some who had been instrumental in  ensuring the course succeeded. However, I had the              pleasure of meeting Mr Zigora, the CEO of the hospital,    and would like to thank him for his support.

Anna is a great organiser. She had the team she worked with behind, beside and in front of her! Primrose and Nyasha were at the forefront and coped with all the registrations and day to day work. The tech team: Vimbiso, Alban, Brighton, Benias and Gift, were excellent. What a difference it made to me to be able to give my laptop to various people and ask them to fix it!

Nyasha and Primrose
Dr Linda Kumirayi 

On 08/04/16, we ran a workshop on the management of the axilla in women with breast cancer. The day would not have been possible without the help of Dr Nancy Jonker and her team at the Well Woman clinic, Prof Godfrey Muguti and Prof Chidzonga from the University of Harare Medical School.
Workshop: management of the axilla in women with breast cancer
Dr Maita Mvere

A course like this costs money. There were many sponsors both of the 3 day modules and of the workshop held for surgeons on the 08/04/16. Please find their logos (in no particular order) and links to their sites below.

Dr Anna Nyakabau and Dr Costa Maonei (of Novartis)
Finally, a huge thank you to Dr Sarah Nietz who joined me for the workshop on 08/04/16, Prof Woods who joined me at the beginning of the week and Sr Lieske who was there all week.

BCN Module 1 course group






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