Breast course for nurses: 2015

Sr Lieske has had a really busy 2015. (Amongst other things, she got married in September).  I would like to thank her for all the hard work she has done for the Breast Course for Nurses and take this opportunity to personally thank Brad for his support.

Just before the end of the year, she compiled this summary of all the activities of the BCN.  

Breast Course for Nurses 2015

The Breast Course for Nurses has had another busy year and of course none of it would have been possible without your help! This is an update on all the activities that we have been involved with throughout the year!

1.     Harare, Zimbabwe: we completed this course in February at the very lovely Bronte Hotel and Conference Facility. A variety of nurses attended the course with the majority being from the oncology unit of the Parirenyatwa Hospital. A total of 40 nurses were trained. We were very fortunate to have Dr Anna Nyakabau and Dr Miata Mvere assist with lectures. Thank you to Sr Lieske Wegelin and Primrose Mafunda for helping with the admin side. Many thanks to the sponsors involved. Day 1 Day 2

2.     Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: we completed this course in February at a venue next door to the Mater Dei Hospital. This course was a part of a programme being run by Dr Phil Mitchell with staff from Knoxville, Tennessee. It was mostly due to a collaboration between Dr Mitchell, Dr King, Sr Jamieson and the rotary clubs of Knoxville and Bulawayo. A total of just over 80 health personnel attended the course. We also had a few doctors participate in the course. We had many local doctors join us for the 2 days and they also assisted with the lectures. We were fortunate to have 2 professors of nursing from Knoxville, Sr Karen and Sr Lynne, join and assist us for the 2 days! Day 1 Day 2

3.     Cape Town, South Africa: we completed this course in March. Fifteen nurses attended. The group was made up of mostly surgical nurses and volunteers. We were very fortunate to have Vaunda Parsonage present the lymphoedema session which the students all really enjoyed. A special thanks to Dr Miriam Mutebi and Dr Ronelle de Villiers for their assistance with the lecturing. Thank you to Sr Lieske Wegelin, Michelle Norris and Sr Sheila Correia for all their assistance and involvement with the course.
4.     Lilongwe, Malawi: Dr Edge travelled to Malawi to teach a group of 26 students at the Tidziwe Centre at the Kamuzu Central Hospital. The students consisted of nurses, doctors (registrars and interns) and clinical officers. Thank you to Dr Lily Gutnik and Dr Satish Gopal for their assistance and involvement in setting up this course. Day 1 Day 2

5.     Windhoek, Namibia: Twenty three nurses attended this course. It was held at the University of Namibia Medical School. The deputy permanent secretary from the Ministry of Health, Dr N Forster, opened the course and we were also joined by the Dean of the University of Namibia Medical School, Prof Peter Nyarango. Prof Celestine Mbangtang assisted with the lectures. Thank you to Oscar and Susan of Novartis for assisting with this course. Day 1 Day 2

6.     Ongwediva, Namibia: Thirty nurses attended this course. The course was at the Destiny Hotel in Oshakati. We were joined by Dr Brown and The Minister of Health, Dr Haufiku, and Prof Nyarango. Thank you to the sponsors, Novartis and Pathcare, and to each and every person that helped to organise the course.  Day 1 Day 2

7.     Johannesburg, South Africa: We have recently commenced a course in Johannesburg. This course is being run by Dr Sarah Nietz and Sr Sheila Correia with the assistance of Sr Tumeka Nojoko and Sr Colleen Davis. This is the first course that is being run without Dr Edge being present. We aim to have more courses like this as we would like to start with train-the-trainer courses in 2016. Just over 70 health care workers attended the course and we look forward to the follow up course early in 2016.

News from 2015

Ø  We visited the Well WomanClinic in Harare – they have facilities for cervical screening, breast screening and bone density scans. They combine clinical examination with a mammogram.

Ø  Dr Edge presented a session at the Radiographers Course in Cape Town where she taught about the clinical aspect of the management of breast cancer. Bergman, Ross and Partners sponsored a Breast Care book for each student. A big thank you to them for that.

Ø  Jessica Knight and her sister Juliet Baxter (the Santa Sisters team) completed the Joberg2c mountain bike race. They cycled to support the Breast Course for Nurses. The Santa sisters started a blog before the race began to keep us up to date on their preparation and training and continued to blog and tweet throughout the race.

Ø  The Breast Course for Nurses featured in the May edition of the Fairlady Magazine. Thank you to Liesl Robertson for writing the article.

Ø  We had a successful fundraiser at the Atlantic Imbizo Conference facility. We had a delicious high tea followed by an auction and raffle prizes. We were entertained by Belinda Prinsloo. There were many sponsors for the day and many people that assisted to make the morning so special! A very big thank you to Michelle Norris and all others involved.
Ø  We were invited by medical students from UCT to assist them with a project to educate refugees about breast examination and breast cancer.

Ø  Darren Francis, a photographer from Cape Town, exhibited portrait photographs of women affected by breast cancer and women involved in the care of women with breast cancer at the Breaking Dawn photography exhibition at the Young Blood Art Gallery in Cape Town. He included the Breast Course for Nurses in his campaign to bring across the message that early detection and treatment saves lives.

Ø  We visited 2 of the hospitals in the north of Namibia. We travelled with Prof Celestine Mbangtang and were welcomed in the hospitals that we visited. It was a very interesting and eye opening day.

Ø  Dr Edge went to the AORTIC conference in Marrakech, Morocco. She was fortunate enough to be able to present a talk about the Breast Course for Nurses and to represent the course at this cancer conference.  Many thanks to Well Woman Diagnostics for their sponsorship.

Future plans

In 2016 we will continue to run courses in South Africa and other countries in Southern Africa and Africa. We will be commencing with train-the-trainers courses so that future courses can be run without Dr Edge being present.

Contact us

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Thank you!

The Breast Course for Nurses would not be possible without the help of our sponsors! Many thanks to the following people (in no specific order) that have helped in many various ways:

  • ·       Sr Sheila Correia
  • ·       Sr Lieske Wegelin
  • ·       Sr Jill Bilyard
  • ·       Sr Karen Hill
  • ·       Sr Yvonne Jackman
  • ·       Sr Vaunda Parsonage
  • ·       Sr Colleen Davis
  • ·       Sr Maureen Jamieson
  • ·       Sr Tumeka Nojoko
  • ·       Dr Jenny Edge                                        
  • ·       Prof David Woods
  • ·       Dr Anne Gudgeon
  • ·       Dr Ronelle de Villiers
  • ·       Dr Paul Whitehead
  • ·     Dr Miriam Mutebi
  • ·       Dr Judith Whittaker
  • ·       Dr Anna Nyakabau
  • ·       Dr Miata Mvere
  • ·       Dr Phil Mitchell
  • ·       Dr Lily Gutnik
  • ·       Dr Satish Gopal
  • ·       Novartis
  • ·       Dig-It
  • ·       Nexion
  • ·       BARD medical
  • ·       Well Woman Diagnostics
  • ·       Morton and Partners
  • ·       Bergman, Ross and Partners
  • ·       Atlantic Imbizo Conference Facility
  • ·       Fairlady Magazine
  • ·       Netcare CBMH
  • ·       UCT IASSS
  • ·       Bakenwa Spa
  • ·       Pathcare
  • ·       Carecross
  • ·       Primrose Mafundu
  • ·       The Myerson family
  • ·       The Levy family
  • ·       The Blachowitz family
  • ·       The Collopy Family
  • ·       Mrs Colleen Crosier
  • ·       Dr Sarah Nietz
  • ·       Prof Peter Nyarango
  • ·       Prof Celestine Mbangtang
  • ·       Dr Oscar Benyera
  • ·       Dr Conrad Pienaar
  • ·       Dr Clare Neser
  • ·       Dr Paul Skoll
  • ·       Cape Heritage Hotel
  • ·       Michelle Norris
  • ·       Chris Tilney
  • ·       Karen
  • ·       Lynne
  • ·       Vaunda Parsonage
  • ·       Susan van Zyl
  • ·       Sue Serebro
  • ·       Ian Black
  • ·       Brendan Marshall
  • ·       Jean-Claude Smith
  • ·       Gadija Kippie
  • ·       Nadia Abrahams
  • ·       Darren Francis
  • ·       Maryan Haefele
  • ·       Anna Richerby
  • ·       Belinda Prinsloo
  • ·       Salome Meyer
  • ·       Jessica Knight
  • ·       Juliet Baxter
  • ·      Carl Wessling

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  1. Thank you Dr Edge, it sure was a very exciting year! - Lieske + Brad