I know how she does it: tips for how to cope with living with cancer

A couple of weeks ago, I heard an interview with Laura Vanderkam. She has written a book about successful business women and how they cope with being a mother.  It is called "I know how she does it".  I haven't read the book but the I was reminded of the title during the PLWC breakfast held 2 days ago.  (See previous blog).  After Dr Edwards had finished talking, Linda Greef started a discussion asking the women (and men) in the room how they coped with living with cancer.

The comments will be listed: I am afraid this blog won't do justice to the session!
- Spirituality/prayer
- Keep busy: this came from someone who ran the 2 oceans half marathon!  Quite remarkable even if you are completely healthy
- Positive thinking
- Become a volunteer and help others.  This came from a Reach for Recovery volunteer.  She stressed that sharing your experience with others helps you come to terms with the diagnosis
- Speak to other survivors
- Share your recovery with others
- Write a journal (Other women have suggested painting as an option)
- Count your blessings
- Live everyday as if it is your last day: you are responsible for your life
- Humour

Inevitably most of the people there were women however, one of the husbands said that it was really important to understand that the process was "our battle".

Linda, thank you once again for organising the PLWC breakfast!

The view from outside Simons restaurant

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