Breast Course for Nurses fundraiser

Michelle Norris and Sr Lieske oraganised this year's "thank you" and fund raising event for the Breast Course for Nurses.  Once again, it was held at the Atlantic Imbizo at the Waterfront and we thank the centre for their generosity in allowing us to use the facilities.
Frances, Sally and Tracey from WWD having a massage

At the beginning, Belinda Prinsloo sang whilst everyone helped themselves to food.  She has a lovely voice and she and her family have for some time given up their time freely to support charity events: thank you Belinda.

Later in the morning, I gave a precis of some of the events that we have done over the last year and touched on the subject of foreign aid.  I discussed what foreign aid is, which are recipient countries of the major donors (US government and DFID) and highlighted some of the controversies in the current system.  Most of the aid towards health projects, understandably, goes to managing infectious diseases (immunization and treatment programmes).  Virtually no money goes to managing cancer in low income countries.  The WHO predicts that all cancers will increase substantially in the next 30 years and the majority of the increase will be seen in low income countries.  We need to start lobbying the major funders to look at the management of cancer as a priority.

Flo: hand made by Mrs Crosier
We were well supported by local companies and individuals.  In particular, I would like to thank Well Woman Diagnostics, Pathcare, Bergmen and Ross, Morton and Partners, Ian Black, Lara Myerson and Netcare for buying tables.

After the talk, we had an auction and a raffle.  the presents were donated by Netcare, Dr Boeddinghaus, Carl Wesselink, Mrs Crosier, Dr Pienaar, Dr Neser, Dr Ross, Dr Skoll, Bakwena Deluxe spa and The Cape Heritage Hotel.

The auctioneer and MC for the event was Carl Wesselink: thank you for doing a fantastic job.  Your tie was admired by many!

Carl wesselink wearing the (now) famous tie

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