Breast Course for Nurses, Bulawayo Day 1

We have travelled to Bulawayo to start another course.  This course is quite different.  We are part of a programme being run by Dr Phil Mitchell with staff from Knoxville Tenessee.  The program is the result of many years of collaboration between principally Dr Mitchell, Dr King, Sr Jamieson and the Rotary clubs of Knoxville and Bulawayo.  The result is a training school that will based at the Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo.  Yesterday, was the dedication of the facility.  Prof Enweren, a urologist at Mpilo, was the MC.

Mr Macheka, Mr Alvord Mabena, Prof Roy King
Mater Dei was started in 1950 years by the Franciscan nuns.  Today there are very few nuns left but the Hospital is one of the larger hospital in Bulawayo.

The current training programme has been running for 2 weeks and has responded to the needs identified by the local nursing and medical school.  Several ATLS courses have been run and nurse trainers have been trained.  The trainers included surgeons from Knoxville and South Africa.  In future, the plan is to have further similar courses and operating theatre and ICU courses run from the facility.

Prof Roy King is a pathologist from Knoxville and he has coordinated a programme of pathology teaching for the local medical school.  Judy Whittaker has joined him in giving a series of lectures.

Learning to examine the axilla
The nurses course was included towards the end of the 2 week training programme.  We had over 80 health personnel attending the course.  About 10 of them were doctors. They have come from different  hospitals in Bulawayo: Mpilo and UBH. As the course progressed, the teaching was taken over by doctors from Bulawayo.

Dr Mucheni demonstrating biopsy techniques

We were priveleged Dr Makosa, Mr Tamanga and Dr Mucheni joining us for the day.  
Two nurses from Knoxville (Sr Karen and Sr Lynne) have provided excellent support for Sr Lieske.

Thanks to the kitchen staff for providing food promptly!

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