Goodbye Dr Bell

This evening, I went to the leaving party for Dr Bell.  Peter Bell has been a radiologist at Morton and Partners for 30 years.  I have worked with him for the last 13 years and I will really miss him.

The radiographers put on their skirts and danced. 

I have worked closely with Peter as he does most of the interventional breast work at CBMH.  But that doesn't make him stand out from the crowd.  We are lucky enough to have many competent breast radiologists in in Cape Town from the different radiology practices.  What make Peter stand out is his modesty and his holistic approach to his patients.   Holism is a unique quality amongst radiologists.

However, his most defying characteristic is his kindness.  I am not sure who really said "It is easy to be clever but more important to be kind".  It has been attributed to different people but if Peter was less modest, I am sure he could have said it.

We will miss you.  Lucky Bedworth!