Happy Birthday Lara

Last Friday, my morning started with a phone call from Mark Myerson.  He told me that his wife was planning a birthday party on Saturday and that she had decided to ask for donations to the Breast Course 4 Nurses rather than accept presents.  It was an amazing start to my day!

Elena and me
I had agreed to spend the morning umpiring at the V and A rowing regatta.  After some negotiation, I
did the (rather damp) early shift on the water and then joined the Myersons for the party.

I don't know them socially but Cape Town, being a small town, meant that not everyone in the room was a stranger.  I met the Myersons through Elena Varde.  She is from the Phillipines and the Myersons are her "South African family".

Lara had put out pink envelopes and invited her friends to donate money.  The amount given surpassed any expectations!  Thank you to all of you for your extraordinary generosity.  Lara will meet up with Sr Lieske next week and decide on how the money will be spent.  We have a course coming up in Port Elizabeth which is starting in 10 days time and we have over 50 nurses attending.

However, the value to the organisation of an event like this is not limited to the money raised.
There were many people there, mostly women, and during the morning,  I had several discussions which started with "I have such and such a skill, can I do.... for the oragnisation..." The sustainability of our project is dependent on people with different skills and ideas contributing.  It allows us to access more nurses in rural communities and so benefit more women.  The suggestions from this event included really exciting ideas and developments I had never thought about.

Lara, I am certain that your birthday will have a significant effect on the success and sustainability of this project.  To you, Mark, Elena and your extended family and friends: thank you from all of us!

Lara with her sister, neice and sister in law


  1. this gives me goosebumps! such a lovely idea! I am looking forward to meeting up with Lara this week

  2. Children are the best inspiration. They here love unconditionally, forgive easily, are brutally honest about how they feel and they have no sense of judgment or resentment.

  3. Happy to know about this birthday party and hope you had an excellent time there. Couple of weeks ago, arranged my nephew’s birthday party at one of lovely event venues Chicago. Invited all his friends and arranged a good party for him.