Breast Care book

I am sure all of you have had various memorable moments in your lives.  I remember when I became a Dr, then a mother and a surgeon.  This week, I became an author!  I was surprised how much it thrilled me to see my name on the cover of a book.  The list of people involved is long.  It has been a truly collaborative effort and a huge thank you to everyone.

The book is part of the PEP series.  PEP (Perinatal Education Programme) was set up by Prof Dave Woods about 20 years ago.  They believe that

  • Health workers share responsibility for their own continuing education and professional growth.  
  • Study should be at their own pace in a suitable place
  • Material supplied should be enjoyable, practical, appropriate to real needs
  • Health workers should promote group learning and clinical skills training
  • Any material offered should be affordable, effective and sustainable
There are a number of books in the series which are published by bettercare and "Breast Care" is the latest addition.  Bettercare is a small publishing company run by Arthur and Emma Attwell.  They are a division of electric bookworks.

If you are interested in downloading our book, please go to 

Let me know what you think.


  1. This book is an incredible resource, not only for health care professionals but for people effected by breast cancer. I love the down to earth, practical and direct approach. It includes so much information and is still accessible. Well done Jenny!

  2. When I was being discharged, I was quite taken with the on-the-job training which I saw Jenny do in hospital, and I've told a number of friends about it. Reading this blog, it all makes sense. I'd ask a question, Jenny would turn to the nurse and ask what she would suggest, and then directly but gently redirect her thinking if needed. "How fast can I get back to normal?" I asked. "Two weeks" replied the nurse. Jenny: "Well, two weeks would be OK if Susan is a) getting back to walking a Maltese poodle and not a 45kg Dobermann, and if she weren't so inclined to high activity. So to someone like Susan, we say THREE weeks!" Now I see the passion for healthcare education, I see it's simply her way of working.

  3. Thanks for your work and link to the book. Unfortunately it says access is denied as it is not public. May you kindly send me copy? Thanks again