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In the last two weeks, 2 stories have come to my notice.  One is from England where the the most notorious tabloid newspaper is the Sun.  It is known for it's headlines and it's Page 3 "girls".  Since November 1970, there has been a topless women featured on Page 3 every day.  Most women would agree that it a tired feature that does nothing to enhance the stance of women in society.

Two weeks ago, it reinvented the page and now has launched"Feel 'em Tuesdays".  It is a campaign to encourage women to examine their breasts and is being run in conjunction with an organisation called "Coppafeel".

What to do?  On the one hand, it is encoraging breast cancer awareness.  On the other, it can be seen as a crude way to relaunch a feature that is tired and has lost it senstaionanlism over the years.  There have been a number of columns written in the weightier newspapers and even David Cameron has been forced to comment.  His official spokesman said: “He would support all initiatives designed to increase awareness about such an important public health issue.”  His bland comment is in line with the fence sitting most others have done.  Personally, I think it is cheap and an example of cause related marketing.  What do you think?

Nearer at hand, I heard that once a year a local night club offers one of it's members a "boob job".  this year, the competition has been hijacked by DJ Das Kapital.  He has offered to give R30 000 towards paying for a woman who needs a breast reconstruction.  I am really impressed.

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