The other breast

One of the wonderful things about living in Cape Town is being able to go to Adventure Boot Camp (ABC) in Kirstenbosch Gardens in the morning before work.  We have an energetic but easy going instructor, Jason.  All in all it is a wonderful way to start the day.

ABC has 4 week cycles.  Last week was week one. As there were new campers we were asked to wear name badges.  I had mine in the usual place on my chest.  A new camper read my name badge and noted that her husband would follow up with the comment "What is the other one called?"

What do you say if you have had a mastectomy?  What is an appropriate response?  Missing?  Chester? I can think of many more answers and would be interested in your ideas.

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  1. I have noticed is that since having a bi-lateral mastectomy (by a brilliant surgeon) I now wear name tags in the centre of my chest - I am flat chested. I find that this often sparks conversation and I get the opportunity to remind woman of the importance of early detection of Breast Cancer. I also have a wicked sense of humour and can't help but comment, don't put your cellphone in your bra, look what happened to me! ha ha ha