Breast Course for Nurses in Durban

Last Friday, we started our 3rd Breast Course for Nurses in Durban.  We had nurses from Addington, Ngelezana (Empangeni), Albert Lutuli and Greys Hospital (Pietermaritzberg).  The course was held at St Augustines Hospital in Durban.  I went from Cape Town with Prof Wood and Sister Hill.  We were joined there by Dr Buccimaza from Durban

We were very warmly received.  We had an excellent conference room and delicious food provided by the hospital.

The core content for the course is the same wherever we teach it.  However, the emphasis can vary depending on the nurses present.  On this course, we have a less diverse cohort of nurses than we have had before and they all work in the public sector in specialised clinics.  Having explained what the course would cover, we asked if there were other topics they would like us to discuss.

Dr Krausey demonstarting an echocardiogram 
After the diagnosis of cancer and before chemotherapy can start, many patients are sent for an echo cardiogram.  Mr Naidoo (Addington Hospital) asked to see how one was performed.  Although it wasn't part of the the introductory day's agenda, I mentioned this to Dr Dorning (medical superintendent of St Augustine's Hospital) and within 30 minutes, Dr Krausey (cardiologist) arrived with his echocardiograph and, using Mr Naidoo as a model, showed us all how the investigation is done.  Thank you!
Mr Naidoo (nurse from Addingtons Hospital) as a patient

Whenever I teach, I learn more about this country and about the variable medical conditions.  I am constantly humbled by the dedication of health professionals working in poorly resourced facilities. Listening to the stories of how many women are diagnosed with advanced breast cancer makes me realise how important it is to try and make a difference at the primary level.  It makes me appreciate the excellent facilities I have become accustomed to.

As always, a huge thank you to our main sponsors: Netcare (especially CBMH ) and Care Cross.  Our Breast Course for Nurses website is up and running.  Please find out more about us on www.breastcourse4nurses.co.za

Dr Dorning (St Agustine's Hospital) and Dr Ines Buccimaza

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