October again!

I have conflicted feelings about the value to the reading public of designating October as Breast Cancer awareness month.  Having said that, there are a number of collaborative ventures that have launched this month.  If we are to do anything about improving the resources available to women with breast problems in this country, we need a strong, clear collective voice from the diverse NGOs involved.

Cancer Alliance started a blog featuring daily breast cancer posts through the month of October.  

Reach for Recovery spent yesterday afternoon in the wind and rain decorating the trees along Adderley Street and Company Gardens.  The initiative comes from Pink trees for Pauline which started in the Eastern Cape.  Thursday 17/10/13, at 1300 there is an event at the entrance to Company Gardens.  Anyone interested in going should contact Elsabe Schlecter.  It is a great example of a collaberative venture by local NGOs, as any money raised will go to the Hospice, Reach for Recovery and Pink Ribbon. 

Company Gardens in October
Please let me know what you think about the pink!

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