A picture paints a thousand words

Last Wednesday, I went to the official start of the PLWC photographic  exhibition.  Opening remarks were from the MEC for Health Theunis Botha.  He drew inspiration from stories of determination that made up the moving display.  Linda Greef followed with warm thanks for the many people who were involved in bringing the project to the public.

The installation reveals women's journeys through the diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.  It uses both photos and words in an easy to follow succinct manner.

The stories come from different angles.  Women talking about the lateness of diagnosis, the inaccessibility of treatment and the financial impact of the illness.  Each story is inspiring.  Many deal with acceptance.

The exhibition gives a voice to those whose stories are not generally heard.  The organisers, in my view, have illustrated how it is important to go beyond awareness, to make a difference to the outcome of breast cancer survivors in this country,

On Friday, 25th October, Christiaan Barrnard Memorial Hosital is hosting a talk at 12.30.  I will discuss the question "Is pink awareness enough to change the situation for women with breast cancer in this country".  Please feel free to join the debate.  Contact Michelle Norris at CBMH.

On Friday 18th October, the Mail and Guardian ran an article about mammography screening.  It was written by Dr Martinique Stilwell.  She has done an enormous amount of research and has written an excellent piece.  There are a number of other excellent articles that I have seen this month (please go to "worth a read page").

Let me know if you have come across other articles.

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