The radiographers from Morton and Partners requested a session with me, and it  took place a great location yesterday.  We talked about a variety of issues but the first hour was devoted to discussing the concept of holistic breast imaging.

I am based CBMH, a venerable institution, but there are plans afoot for the construction and design of  a brand new "state-of-the art" hospital.  Although the equipment in the radiology department is up to date, the layout is dated.  Cue the plans for the new hospital.

To begin with, we did a small survey whereby we asked patients to give us feedback about their experiences of having a mammogram. Sixty people completed the question and they were remarkably complimentary.  What became very clear was that the attitude of the person doing the mammogram was the most important factor in the experience of satisfaction.  The radiographers at CBMH were perceived as being the very best, certainly at the top of their game.

Doing the research for my talk, I read various blog sites about women's experiences of having mammograms.  There's no doubt that the procedure itself has become far less painful, with newer technology but, inevitably, there are still aspects that can be uncomfortable.  One women remarked on feeling how demeaning it was to walk around the department without a bra on.

We need fresh ideas. Your ideas. So, if it was you designing a new radiology department, what features  would you add to make the experience of having a mammogram more acceptable?  Please share your thoughts. I'm going to read all of them, and this is real chance to help me make inputs into the final design of the new generation of breast imaging setup.

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