The Breast Course for Nurses

The Breast Course for Nurses

On Friday this week, we started our new Breast Course for Nurses. What an excellent day!

We have run education programmes for nurses before but in March this year, I met up with Professor Dave Woods from the PEP Trust and we used a workshop with like minds, to put together ideas on how a Breast Course could be run for nurses.  The course aims to familiarise nurses with the practical assessment and effective management of common breast problems.  The course is designed for nurses working in primary and secondary clinics.

After listening to the input from those who had attended previous courses and then applying Prof Woods' considerable experience in these matters, we have redesigned our course.  The emphasis is on LEARNING not TEACHING and the course is a combination of lectures, practicals and self study modules.  We all met up on the 19th of July 2013 at CBMH, Cape Town City Centre and launched into a day-long discussion on the philosophy of the course, the logistics to make it happen and then started the first modules: the normal breast and how to do a clinical assessment of a woman with breast problems.  The next time we all meet up will be in November.  Between now and then, all the participants will have received the material for self study.

It was a real VIP course - truely a formidable group. The nurses who attended all had masses of expertise. We had some good looking male models for the examination section, as you can see. The best part is that we are planning to take the course on the road so that it can bring direct benefits to different parts of the country.  If you are interested in being involved in the course, please contact Karen Hill: Karen.Hill@netcare.co.za
Prof Woods teaching a small group
The course participants

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